LG G6 Specifications, Price and Release date

LG is the top most leading smartphone companies in the world and know they trying to present their one of the best and top most device of all the time. In the last year biggest platform for smartphones is Mobile world congress (MWC) LG G6 launched in the market.

As the good respond with LG G5 last year. This year company is going to embrace its smartphone flagship to next level with upcoming LG G6 smartphone. Last year we have expected an LG G5 Pro variant as well but somehow they aren’t able to make it. This year LG fans are much anticipated to see LGG6 with amazingly superb specifications.

lg g6 price

LG G6 Price: Will is cost you more?

This time they trying to made LG G6 as metal glass and they always trying to build a better body for their device to make it more comfortable with other devices. They trying to release their device in this year at the month of February. LG G6 price will fall in somewhere approx $800 – $850 USD and 52,000 INR (in India) which is almost same as the price of LG G5 pre-orders last year.

LG G6 Rumours, Specs and Features

They made LG G6 with curved ones to 5.5 inch OLED screen, metallic frames and great sporting features. It also have the round backside of the handset and the designed could be more beautiful and stylised. We hoping for the better camera conditions not like previous LG devices may be Korean company would look into these regarding the LG G6 design and its camera.

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LG G6 will have more friends in 2017

The company calls it all smart “friends” and it doesn’t come pre- installed. Right know their are only two friends available for the users that come along with two accessories. Just as LG 360 VR that brings virtual experience and made more comfortable to watch movies and playing games with our friends.

LG G6: Display

The ideas to designed the modular LG G6 is brilliant, but the whole concept goes wrong for the company. As the biggest leak about the LG G6 is that they have potable handset with a powerful camera. As the rumor it has the bigger display with perfect sound quality they try to make it more durable with 4k display resolution of 4096 x 2160. the amazing virtual rights in the hands will real high end tv right in your place.

LG G6 Specifications and Rumours

LG G6 also have the better and good performance it have 5GB RAM that makes LG_G6 More perfect and fastest then from others. The Korean company is planning to make it water resistant technology for long time.

We are hoping for the better and more smart features that changes the LG G6 and make it the best phone of 2017. T hey make it more simple and perfect due to that new feature should includes the better water resistant and virtual 3D SOUND AND BEST CAMERA from other smartphones in 2017. There is also one leak for the device that it has 3D display also to make all work more simple and easier. It also enhanced with the better recording videos, wider camera lens, auto laser focus and lots of things like that.

The best and other perfect features includes is wireless charging, rapid charging just in 15 min they made it more accurate and perfect device that can beat easily in the biggest platform of the world the mobile world congress in this LG G6 is being launched to make it a blast in peoples life.

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They trying to introduced the best scanner is placed on the back side of the handset, which seems like a good ideas at first glance. They trying to make it more comfortable and simple to unlock the phone easily when you holding then phone.

The one speaker in this G6 is not enough to make this phones as perfect and now LG they planned to adds a brilliant pair of front-facing stereo speaker that make the sound effect more impressive and loud. Through people love to hear music in an empty room also. The latest G6 phone comes with quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor along with two low-power cores clocked at 1.59 GHz and two high-performance clocked at 2.15 GHz.

They have also brilliant on display they always made the perfect and better resolution display with better 3d display. They make 16.9 display ration and the resolution ration is the 2560 x 1440 to make it better in mid night also. But the upcoming LG G6 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. To collect and store all your stuff songs games and many other things.

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LG G6 Release date

As per the present reports LG is going to release LG G6 flagship in upcoming MWC event as they have done in 2016. LG is expected to relaunch its G6 smartphone on February 26 in Barcelona.

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