LG G6 vs. iPhone 8: Comparison – Who is the Best?

LG G6 is the Winner of 2017. Here we are going to compare upcoming LG G6 smartphone with Apple’s 2017 flagship “The iPhone 8“.

Korean electronic company is the biggest leading smartphone companies they also trying to made it more perfect and best for there fans as well as. In the month of October LG G6 is launched to make it more perfect and better smoothness in work androids users. They made LG G6 first high end smartphone under all LG series.

LG G6 vs. iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 vs. LG G6: Price Comparison (LG wins with an ease)

LG G6 price factor is much cheaper then iPhone 8 they made iPhone more precious then comparison to LG G6 is coming in approx $600 while the iPhone 8 fall between the $800 to $900 price range. LG G6 is coming in the month of October to make it better change for all android users.

LG G6 vs. iPhone 8: Specs comparison

LG G6 trying to use the super speedy wireless charger that pump the device battery upto 50% in just 30 min. On the other hand iPhone 8 is working on implementing its lang range technology and used power to stay on. They also made iPhone 8 will coming with more feature and smart performance with curved OLED display meanwhile LG G6 will have 5.7 inch display with the unusual aspect ration of 18.9 and a QHD+ resolution.

LG G6 Comparison

iPhone 8 trying to use the technology and smart feature of wireless charging feature to make it more good in performance. They also using the dual lens camera. They also trying to use the better photo quality and optical zoom range. On the other hand LG G6 having the perfect performing front end camera upto 8.0 mega pixel and rear upto 24 mega pixel.

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The LG G6 is going to run on Snapdragon 835 processor which is an Octa Core chipset. It will boast 6GB onboard RAM which is certainly gives major boost to performance and with Android Naught things are going to much simpler and easier to do.

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LG G6 HAVING THE BEST 6 GB RAM that make to perfect working or good in performances they also trying to share with it best accessories with it to make it more attractive. If we are looking for best display then LG G6 have the 5.7 inch display with an aspect ratio of 18.9 on the other hand iPhone 8 will contain a curved display and sensors on the display and workable edges and smart lock and unlock feature in it. You can make it perfect unlock by touching on display anywhere for easy unlock it.

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LG G5 Lite Release Date, Price and Specifications

After the successful launch of LG G5 Flagship now company is rumoured to be working on a lighter version of LG G5. As per the recent reports the phone is now certified in China by TENAA. The LG G5 Lite variant is reported run on Snapdragon 625 processor which is lighter version as compare to Snapdragon 820 SoC. With Lite variant we are also expecting around $100 cut in price as there are few major changes in this smartphone. Here we are going to talk more on the specification and features of upcoming LG G5 Lite Smartphone.

lg g5 lite

LG G5 Lite specifications

Although this device will have all the major features that we seen with LG G5 Flagship like wide angle camera and modular design but it will a bit less high end specs. The phone will have 3GB RAM and run on Snapdragon 625 which is an 14nm processor having 1.8 GHz Cortex A72 + 1.2 GHz Cortex A53 chipset. It will have Adreno 510 GPU and will come in 32 GB internal storage capacity. The phone will have same 5.3 inch always-on display with 1440 X 2560 pixels resolution.

Specifications of LG G5 Lite variant are listed below:

  • 5.3 inch 1440 X 2560 pixels display, 3D Arc Glass
  • 149.4 X 73.9 X 7.7 mm, 156 grams weight
  • Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • Octa Core Snapdragon 625 Processor
  • 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal + Micro SD card
  • 16 MP Primary wide angle camera
  • 8 MP front facing camera
  • 4G LTE, NFC, USB Type-C, Bluetooth
  • 2700 mAh battery, Quick Charge 3.0

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The LG G5 Lite is expected to have 2700 mAh battery and will support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Other specifications of this phone will remain same as LG G5.

LG G5 Lite

LG G5 Lite Price and Release date

Well, the phone is just seen at China’s certification site whereas LG has not made any official announcement regarding this device. Still the LG G5 Lite name is also uncertain but we are quite sure that it coming soon. As per an estimation LG will release Lite version very soon in the month of April.

Talking about price of LG G5 Lite, we already said that this device will release with affordable price as compare to recently launched LG G5. It gives a straight 100 buck cut to the price of LG G5. So, this phone can cost you around $580-$600 USD.

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So, these are one of the most accurate Round up on LG G5 Lite. We are going to update you with more information and leaks on this Lite Variant here. So, stay tuned with us and you can also leave your feedback by commenting below. Also before leaving make sure to like and share us on social media by clicking below social buttons.

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LG G5 Pre-Orders to Begin from March 18

We have already seen both Samsung’s and LG’s flagship at MWC 2016. Samsung Galaxy S7 Flagship is now available for sale while LG G5 is going to be available for pre-orders soon. As per recent update LG G5 Smartphone will be available for pre-orders from March 18. BestBuy one of the leading e-commerce website has listed a new landing page for LG G5 Pre-orders stating that users will be able to pre-order from March 18.

lg g5 Smartphone

Recently LG has confirmed that LG G5 phone will be available in Canada from April 8 and in early April for US which are clear indication that pre orders are going to start soon. LG G5 Flagship will come with really impressive specification and features. It boast a 5.3 inch Quad JD display which comes with 554 pixels density. The phone is made of premium quality metal and has uni-body design. It runs on Snapdragon 820 Processor with 4GB RAM configuration. Taking about internal storage of this device, it will come with only 32 GB variant however you can extend it storage with an external micro SD card up to 200 GB.

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LG G5 Pros:

Well this LG is one of the leading android Smartphone of 2016. It has got many advanced features as compare to it’s competitor Galaxy S7. The phone is really a special one as it has many innovative features, few are mentioned below:

  • Unibody Design
  • Premium metal chassis
  • Removable Battery
  • Improved Camera features
  • Powerful UI
  • Quick Charge 3.0
  • IR Blaster

LG has really powered up its 2016 flagship smartphone with best specifications. LG G5 comes with 16 mega pixels primary camera with f/1.8 aperture lenses, it has wide angle camera lenses that further enhances its camera capabilities. At the front end it has an 8 mega pixels camera.

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LG G5 PreOrders

As per reports LG G5 is going to be available for pre orders by March 18. It will be available on various e-commerce sites including Verizon, U.S Cellular, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, BestBuy and B&H. Earlier we have rumoured that G5 will come at price of $650 – 700 USD but still the pricing details for G5 Flagship are not revealed yet. So, we have to wait for an official confirmation. We will update you soon with more details on LG G5 Pre orders and availability. So, stay tuned with us. You can also share your thoughts by commenting below and before leaving make sure to like and share us on social media.

LG G5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy S7 Edge Comparison

So, from last couple of days we are seeing hundreds and thousands of technology experts and exhibitors enjoying the biggest tech event of 2016: “Mobile World Congress“. After this MWC, technology giants LG and Samsung have announced LG G5, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge flagship phones. All three phone’s are going to be available in market soon in coming days. Samsung’s latest Galaxy phone is now available for pre-orders and LG will be available by April, 2016. So, Here the big question: Which one to pre-order, who’s the best of these mobile device. So, here we are going to compare LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy S7 Edge which is defiantly a big need our readers.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy S7 Edge

Except from design and different sizes both mobile are quite similar. The Galaxy S7 has a 5.1 inch display while S7 Edge has 5.5 inch large display. Both phone boast SUPER AMOLED 1440 X 2560 resolution QHD display. If you go for Edge variants you will get flexible OLED curves on both sides eg. one you have seen with Note Edge Smartphone. Apart from that Samsung has made major improvement in it’s camera features and more battery. Both phone’s will have always-on display. Although this year Samsung has managed to get microSD support back, but still they don’t have removable battery support. Now let’s talk about the biggest innovation of the year “LG G5”.

What’s new with latest: LG G5

“Life is good when you play more”

The above quote is quite enough to explain what LG is looking this year. LG G5 is now launched and will be available for pre-orders soon. This year LG bought some major innovation to smartphone world. LG G5 comes with 5.3 inch large IPS LCD display having 1440 X 2560 pixels of resolution Always-On-Display. The key thing which gives an upper edge to LG’s flagship is that: it has removable battery with having Uni-Body design. Yes you have reading absolutely right, LG G5 mobile comes with modular design made of premium metal. With G5 smartphone you will get removable battery as well as micro SD card support which is need of present user.

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Apart from that this phone has got 16 MP f/2.0 aperture camera with dual camera at back with offers 135 degree wide angle photo shoot instead of conventional 120 degree. So, LG is really gearing up their level when it comes to flagship phones. LG has also added few more extra features with magic slot, 360 Camera and VR headset.

LG G5 vs Galaxy S7

LG G5 vs. Galaxy S7: Specs Comparison

So, below you can see a head-to-head comparison between Galaxy S7 and LG G5:

Smartphone Galaxy S7 LG G5
Display 5.1 inch Super AMOLED
1440 X 2560 resolution
Always-on, 577 ppi
5.3 inch IPS LCD
1440 X 2560 resolution
Always-on, 554 ppi
OS Android Marshmallow
TouchWiz UI
Android Marshmallow
LG UX 5.0 UI
Processor 2.3 GHz Exynos 8890,
2.15 GHz Snapdragon 820
2.15 GHz Snapdragon 820
Storage 32 / 64 GB internal,
microSD up to 200 GB
32 GB internal,
micro SD up to 200 GB
Camera 12 MP f/1.7 Primary camera,
5 MP front camera
16 MP f/2.0 Wide-angle,
8 MP front camera
Connectivity 802.11ac Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS,
GLONASS, Bluetooth v4.2,
Cat.9 LTE
802.11ac Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS,
IR Blaster, Bluetooth v4.2
  • 3000 mAh non-removable
  • Quick charging 2.0
  • Fast wireless charging
  • Micro USB
  • 2800 mAh removable
  • Quick Charging 3.0
  • USB Type-C
Price $699 USD $650 USD

 So, from above table you can easily choose the best device for your self. From specifications prospects it looks like Galaxy S7 has an upper hand but LG G5 has got IR Blaster, USB Type-C and Quick charge 3.0 which give it an advantage over Samsung Galaxy S7. Meanwhile both phone’s are not available now as LG G5 release date is scheduled to be in April. We will update with an more details and even with comparison video soon.

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LG G Flex 3: Specification, Price and Release date: Everything you need to know about Next G Flex

Update: As per now LG has launched LG G5 on 21st Feb with really impressive and advanced specification and now G Flex 3 is not so far from launch. As per rumours LG will soon unveil LG G Flex 3 smartphone in mid 2016.

LG G Flex fans should me more excited to see the next level of curved surface Smartphone. Last year LG has release its G flex 2 which is an outstanding Smartphone in the mobile market. This year, excitement is going to far bigger as LG is preparing another high end curved surface Smartphone. The LG G Flex 3 is rumoured with amazing specifications and we can bet that you love it. This is going to be an upgraded version of what we have seen last year. But more of design and performance, LG_GFlex 3 going to well optimized as well. Here we are going to talk about specifications and features of LG G Flex 3 Smartphone.

LG G Flex 3 Rumours:

As per the rumours of LG G Flex 3, it will have Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 processor. As per the the latest SD820 Kryo it features 2.2 GHz 64 bit architecture and supports fingerprint sensors. You will not found this phone heating while playing high end games as well. Also, as per the reports we got rumours that GFlex 3 will have all metal build body which is certain as company is building curved TVs with metal body. With metal body LG GFlex 3 is going to really impressive and beautiful Smartphone.

LG G Flex 3

LG G Flex 3 Specifications

This year LG is going to launch LG G5, GFlex 3 and an upgraded version of LG V10 under the high end Smartphone’s. The GFlex 3 is going to be high end device with superb specifications and better software-hardware optimization. Here is complete check-list for the LG G Flex 3 specs:

  • 6-inch Full HD display
  • Android v6.0
  • Snapdragon 820 SoC
  • Adreno 530 GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32, 64GB storage
  • 20 MP primary camera
  • 8MP front camera
  • 3500 mAh battery

So, it seems like the best curved surface ever. But this is just start we have detailed specification and features of LG G Flex 3.


Last year LG has launched GFlex 2 with a 5.5 inch display. So, GFlex 3 should have larger display of 6 or 6.1 inch. It’s going to have a 2K resolution display which sapphire glass protection.


LG G Flex 3 will be a really good Smartphone when it comes to multi tasking. As this time it will run on Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM configuration. According to reports Snapdragon 820 is the fastest processor available for mobile devices. Further it will have Adreno 530 graphic processor for high quality graphics.


Did you seen the LG G4 camera, if not you should because LG GFlex 3 is going to have same camera sensors with upgraded features. Yes, it will have a 20.7 mega pixels back camera with 3D shooting, 2160p@30 fps, HDR and optical stabilization. You will get an 8 MP front camera for capturing best selfies ever.

GFlex 3

LG G Flex 3 Features:

The phone is going to features fast internet connectivity with 4G LTE, NFC, EDGE and GPRS. Well apart from that you love G Flex 3 for its Iris eye reorganization, 3D camera, Heart rate, compass, and barometer sensors.

LG G Flex 3 Price

The G Flex 3 will cost you a bit higher then GFlex 2 but it will be still reasonable as the price of GFlex3 will range under $650 USD. You can also check out country wise price list for LG G Flex 3 below:

Country LG G Flex 3 Price
Price in United States 600 USD
Price in United Kingdom 400 Pound
Price in India 40000 INR
Price in Australia 837 AUD
Price in South Korea 706770 KRW
Price in Dubai 2200 Dirham
Price in Romania 2490 RON

This is an expected price list. We will update this price list as soon as GFlex3 will get announce.

LG G Flex 3 Release date

The GFlex 3 Smartphone is rumoured to release in March 2016 which means we are two months away to see next big curved display mobile phone. LG can unveil in late March event where company is also expected to announce LG G5 price and availability details.

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We are going to update you with more information regarding specification and release date soon. You can also share your thoughts over GFlex 3 by commenting below and before you leave please make sure to like and share us from below social buttons.

LG G5 release Date and Price Details

Update: As per the latest leaks and rumours of LG G5 Smartphone, LG has launched this smartphone on Feb 21. LG G5 comes with really Superb specification and features. Company has not unveiled price and availability information. As per reports LG will announce price details in late march.

This will be great to see what the new technologies LG brings in it are.  Here we are going talk about the can be the price of LG G5 and possibility of G5 release date. But before we go in details of G5, let’s take a look on some amazing glimpse of recently launched LG G4.

LG G4 hands on specifications 

The LG G4 comes with some great high performance and innovative features. It comes with 5.5 inch Quantum Dot display featuring 2560 X 1440 pixels of resolution. The phone will run on Snapdragon 820 SoC which is the best processor ever built by Qualcomm and have Adreno 418 graphic processor. It will have 3GB RAM and comes with 32, 64 and 128GB storage options.

At the camera specs LG G4 has powerful f/1.8 16 Mega pixels camera featuring OIS, laser-assisted focus and colour spectrum sensors which makes your pictures and videos more brighter (True HD resolution) while at the front it has 8 mega pixels front camera.

 lg g4 price

Lg G5 Specifications

lg g5 camera specs

So, G4 is really good Smartphone making life faster, easier and better with innovating technology. But G4 is just a start to next big thing which is LG G5 going to release at the MWC 2016 (rumoured).

What’s next ~~ LG G5 release in Q1, 2016

Above we have seen a really advanced high-end Smartphone by LG, but the rumours for LG G5 are talking about much better device here.

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LG G5 Specifications

LG G5 will come with 5.3-inch large QHD display, 4GB RAM and 2.15 GHz Snapdragon 820 processor. This Smartphone has much better features and design than any other Smartphone available till now. You can check the full list of specification of LG G5 here.

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LG G5 release date

At CES 2016, LG has launched LG K Series smartphone which is budget mobile phones and now it is expected that they will soon announce LG G5. According to leaks LG is going to release LG G5 Smartphone by the March 2016. This time G5 is going to have a premium metallic design and powerful performance. Now, it looks like LG will announce LG G5 Series at MWC 2016 event which is going to take place in 4rth week of February. The phone will be available in market by mid of March.

LG G5 Price

LG G4 Smartphone is available for 36000 INR that is probably $540 USD which is quite affordable as compared to other high-end phones like Galaxy S6, iPhone etc. But the upcoming LG G5 price is going to a bit higher and the main reason behind this is upgraded specification like this Smartphone has 4GB DDR4 RAM, flexible design, much better performance, Improved TouchWiz etc. The LG G5 price can be around $600to $650 USD depending on the carrier. Share your thoughts on LG G5 by commenting below, will you wait for LG G5 or not. And before you leave make sure you like and share us on social media by clicking below buttons.

LG G5 vs. iPhone 7 Comparison

During the past two we year we have noticed many significant changes to Smartphone. Now days Smartphone are getting bigger display, better processor and maximum RAM that they can hold. And we think this is the need of the next generation users. Last year LG has launched some amazing mobile phones. The LG G4 and G Flex 2 are beast last year. Also we have seen Apple iPhone 6 series which is full of beauty and optimised hardware. Now it’s 2016 and we are looking for LG G5 & Apple iPhone 7.

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According to recent updates LG has announced LG G5 Flagship at recent MWC event and iPhone 7 is reported to come in late 2016. We are going to see LG G5 in few days. So, here in LG G5 vs iPhone 7 we are going to compare them on the basis of expected specifications.

Apple iPhone 7 vs. LG G5: Comparison

As per the latest rumours we can say Apple is not looking in mindset of large display phones. The next iPhone will have 4.7 inch IPS LCD display as iPhone 6 have. While at the other hand LG G5 Smartphone is going to have 5.3 inch large QHD display with 1440 X 2560 pixels resolution. The G5 will have Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection while at the other hand iPhone will have Oleophobic protection. Both the Smartphone will have metal body and beautiful design. Apple can have an upper hand as they really come with beautiful design.

lg g5 vs iphone 7

LG G5 vs. iPhone 7: Processor and RAM

2016 is going to be year of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC. Well, most of the high-end Smartphone releasing this year like Galaxy S7, hTC m10, LG G5 is reported to have SD820 with Adreno 530 GPU. But we all know Apple A10 is going to be next big thing in market, and iPhone 7 is the first to have it. Presently there is not much leaks about A10 processor but Snapdragon is released now. Snapdragon 820 Chipset is a 64 bit processor with 2.2 GHz clock cycle. It can be used with 4GB RAM configuration and Adreno 530 graphics.

LG G5 is going to have same configuration and will be available in 32, 64 and 128 GB storage options.

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Apple iPhone 7 vs. LG G5: Camera Comparison

When it comes to camera, we all can say you must check out LG G4 camera review once. You can check it in below video.

This year LG is going to further upgrade it with 16 mega pixels primary and 8 MP front camera. The phone will have upgraded camera sensors and features like HDR, laser autofocus, optical image stabilisation, panorama and more. Talking about Apple iPhone 7, it will have upgraded 12 mega pixels primary and 5 MP front camera. We all know that Apple does not believe in just increasing numbers they believes in quality and optimisation. So, still we are looking for a decent camera from Apple.

Price comparison:

If you compare price of both LG G5 and Apple iPhone 7, you will find LG G5 a bit cheaper than iPhone. LG is going to charge you around $600-650 USD for LG G5 while iPhone 7 price is expected to fall in between 950-1000 USD. So, comparing price of LG G5 and iPhone 7 you can clearly say that LG is far better option this year. Because with all metal uni-body design, Snapdragon processor and removable battery option LG is one of the best contender in android phones for 2016.

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From this comparison we can easily conclude that LG G5 is winner here but hang on!! Still we got 7-8 months to for iPhone 7 while LG is expected to release LG G5 in March, 2016. So, we must wait for at least two month to get more leaks and choose the best from LG G5 vs iPhone 7. But for now you can consider LG G5 as most impressive as its going to release soon.

We will update you with more details as soon as possible. Before you leave from here make sure to like and share us using below social buttons. If you have anything to say about these Smartphone then feel free to make your comment below.

CES 2016: LG Announces LG K7 and LG K10

Update: LG has launched LG G5 Smartphone now. See complete specs of LG G5 here.

The news is coming from CES 2016, LAS Vegas that LG has announced K-Series mobile phones now. The K Series consists of LG K7 and LG K10 Smartphone’s. According to recent updates these are budget phones with premium design and good performance. From both devices LG K10 is going to have glossy pebbel surface. Here we are going talk about complete specifications and features of LG K Series Smartphone’s. Here is an official note from LG:

“Our 2016 K Series is the latest example of LG applying it best mobile technology and premium design philosophy across numerous Smartphone categories,” said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Customers equate the LG name with great Smartphone imaging technology and we are committed to delivering on that flattering expectation.”

LG is also rumoured to launch LG G5 Smartphone at MWC 2016 which is going to held in February.  You can check out LG G5 Specs from below reference.

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LG K7 and LG K10 Specs and features

Both these phablets will have quite amazing camera at both front and back. LG K Series Smartphone also includes flash at front camera to capture best selfie ever. These smartphones are going to available in both 3G and LTE networks. Let’s take a look on official specifications of LG K7 and LG K10 Smartphone’s.


LG K7 Full Specifications:

Smartphone Model LG K7 (LTE) LG K7 (3G)
Display 5.0 inch FWVGA
In-Cell Touch
5.0 inch FWVGA
On-Cell Touch
Dimensions 143.6 X 72.5 X 8.9 mm 143.6 X 72.5 X 9.05 mm
Processor Quad Core 1.1 GHz Quad Core 1.3 GHz
RAM 1.5 GB 1GB
Memory  8 GB, 16 GB, Micro SD  8 GB, 16 GB, Micro SD
OS Android v5.1 Android v5.1
Camera 5/8 MP front
5MP front camera
5/8 MP front
5MP front camera
Networks LTE 3G
Colours Titan White/Gold/Black
Battery 2125 mAh 2125 mAh
Other Specs
  • 2.5D Arc Glass
  • Gesture Interval Shot
  • Gesture Shot
  • Tap and Shot
  • 2.5D Arc Glass
  • Gesture Interval Shot
  • Gesture Shot
  • Tap and Shot

Now let’s see K10 specs here.

LG K10

LG K10 Full Specifications

Smartphone Model LG K10 (LTE) LG K10 (3G)
Display 5.3 inch HD
In-cell touch
5.3 inch HD
In-cell touch
Size 146 X 74.8 X 8.8 mm 146 X 74.8 X 8.8 mm
Processor 1.2 GHz or 1.3 GHz Quad Core /
1.14 GHz Octa Core (LTE Model)
1.3 GHz Quad Core
RAM 1 GB / 1.5 GB / 2 GB 1 GB / 1.5 GB / 2 GB
Storage 16 GB / 8 GB, Micro SD 16 GB / 8 GB, Micro SD
OS Android v.5.1 Lollipop Android v.5.1 Lollipop
Camera 13 MP Rear
8 MP / 5 MP front
8 MP Rear
8 MP / 5 MP front
Networks LTE 3G
Colours White, Gold, Indigo White, Gold, Indigo
Battery 2300 mAh 2300 mAh
Other specs
  • 2.5D Arc Glass
  • Tap and Shot
  • Gesture Shot
  • Gesture Interval Shot*
  • 2.5D Arc Glass
  • Tap and Shot
  • Gesture Shot
  • Gesture Interval Shot*

LG K7, LG K10 Release date

Both Smartphone are announced now and you can see them at LG’s booth in CES 2016 now. You can find them in stores by the mid of January. Company is also rumoured to working on LG G Flex 3 Smartphone which is going to release in late 2016.

LG K7 and LG K10

LG K7 and LG K10 Price details

While at CES 2016, LG has not unveiled price but as we said earlier LG K series is going to have mid range Smartphone’s. We are expecting LG K7 at price of $280 and LG K10 around $370 USD. You can see a country wise price list of LG K Series Smartphone below:

Model Name LG K7 LG K10
Price in USA 280 USD 370 USD
Price in India 18500 INR 24500 INR
Price in China 1830 Yuan 2400 Yuan
Price in United Kingdom 190 Pound 250 Pound
Price in Canada 390 CAD 517 CAD
Price in Dubai 1000 Dirham 1350 Dirham
Price in Japan 33300 Yen 44000 Yen

This is an estimated price table. We will update you with more accurate price list for LG K-Series Smartphone’s soon.

So, we think both these mobile are quite suitable for young people and we hope you will like them. You can share you thoughts on LG K7 and LG K10 Smartphone by commenting below. Before you leave make sure to like and share us using below social buttons.

LG G5 Cases and Covers: Best Protection for LG G5

Mobile Cases and Covers are always been known for providing more protection and style to your Smartphone. And it becomes more necessary to have a good cover or mobile case when you have amazing smartphone like Lg G5. Well the phone is still not launched but going to release soon on February 21st. This time we are going to see larger LG smartphone with high end specs. The design of the phone is expected to be slicker this time with curved corners.

So, we are just few days away from seeing LG G5 Smartphone in hands. Here we have some amazing LG G5 Cases and covers that will help you to protect your device with more solidity and reduce any harm. As flagship Smartphone’s are getting more glossy and more chance to get slipped from your hands. We recommend you to get a premium LG G5 cover and case to protect it from accidental damages.

Well the phone is still now launched. As per recent leaks LG may launch LG G5 at on February 21 a day before MWC event. Here we have best protection for LG G5.

best lg g5 casesTop Five LG G5 Cases

1. Diztronic Voyeur Case

Diztronic Voyeur Series cases offers improved protection for accident phone drop. The cover easily fits on LG G5 and has protective bumpers as well to absorb shock. It’s a custom fit case with Soft touch Matte TPU. So, you can rely on this case for complete protection against from dropping and scratches on the back.

2. Otterbox Symmetry LG G5 case

Otterbox cases are one of the slimmest mobile case. This sleek, cleanly constructed protective LG G5 case is simple to install in its one-piece form. But don’t let its elegant simplicity fool you – the dual-material construction makes Symmetry Series one of the slimmest, most protective cases in its class. Case corners are well designed to make your smartphone even more stylish.

3. Yootech Quick Circle Case for LG

Yootech is well known for making high quality Smartphone cases and Wireless charging pads. Yootech Quick Circle case for LG G5 comes with superb connectivity (supports NFC and wireless charging) and smart wake up / sleep view window. Also you get life time warranty with this case.

4. DuroCase ® LG G5

This case can add a bit more style to your smartphone as the DuroCase comes with designed backs as we have seen with G4. It fits your phone easily and supports all the carriers. It doesn’t blocks any keys as seen with some other low end cases. The case is quite enough to protect your LG G5 from accidental dents and damages.

5. Spigen ® Cases for LG G5

Spigen cases offers absolute protection for you mobile phone from all kind of damages including accidental drops. The case comes with Absolute Protection Air Cushion at the corners and offers dual layered protection. Spigen has it’s own patent over this technology. So, this means it worth buying LG G5 Spigen case. It’s a must buy product for G5.

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So, guys these are some really interesting and stylish LG G5 cases. All these cases are presently under manufacturing process and will be available by end of March 2016. We also top 5 LG G5 covers. So, stay tuned with us to check out best covers and screen guard for your Smartphone.