LG G5 price

LG G5 release Date and Price Details

Update: As per the latest leaks and rumours of LG G5 Smartphone, LG has launched this smartphone on Feb 21. LG G5 comes with really Superb specification and features. Company has not unveiled price and availability information. As per reports LG will announce price details in late march.

This will be great to see what the new technologies LG brings in it are.  Here we are going talk about the can be the price of LG G5 and possibility of G5 release date. But before we go in details of G5, let’s take a look on some amazing glimpse of recently launched LG G4.

LG G4 hands on specifications 

The LG G4 comes with some great high performance and innovative features. It comes with 5.5 inch Quantum Dot display featuring 2560 X 1440 pixels of resolution. The phone will run on Snapdragon 820 SoC which is the best processor ever built by Qualcomm and have Adreno 418 graphic processor. It will have 3GB RAM and comes with 32, 64 and 128GB storage options.

At the camera specs LG G4 has powerful f/1.8 16 Mega pixels camera featuring OIS, laser-assisted focus and colour spectrum sensors which makes your pictures and videos more brighter (True HD resolution) while at the front it has 8 mega pixels front camera.

 lg g4 price

Lg G5 Specifications

lg g5 camera specs

So, G4 is really good Smartphone making life faster, easier and better with innovating technology. But G4 is just a start to next big thing which is LG G5 going to release at the MWC 2016 (rumoured).

What’s next ~~ LG G5 release in Q1, 2016

Above we have seen a really advanced high-end Smartphone by LG, but the rumours for LG G5 are talking about much better device here.

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LG G5 Specifications

LG G5 will come with 5.3-inch large QHD display, 4GB RAM and 2.15 GHz Snapdragon 820 processor. This Smartphone has much better features and design than any other Smartphone available till now. You can check the full list of specification of LG G5 here.

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LG G5 release date

At CES 2016, LG has launched LG K Series smartphone which is budget mobile phones and now it is expected that they will soon announce LG G5. According to leaks LG is going to release LG G5 Smartphone by the March 2016. This time G5 is going to have a premium metallic design and powerful performance. Now, it looks like LG will announce LG G5 Series at MWC 2016 event which is going to take place in 4rth week of February. The phone will be available in market by mid of March.

LG G5 Price

LG G4 Smartphone is available for 36000 INR that is probably $540 USD which is quite affordable as compared to other high-end phones like Galaxy S6, iPhone etc. But the upcoming LG G5 price is going to a bit higher and the main reason behind this is upgraded specification like this Smartphone has 4GB DDR4 RAM, flexible design, much better performance, Improved TouchWiz etc. The LG G5 price can be around $600to $650 USD depending on the carrier. Share your thoughts on LG G5 by commenting below, will you wait for LG G5 or not. And before you leave make sure you like and share us on social media by clicking below buttons.

2 thoughts on “LG G5 release Date and Price Details”

  1. All my electronic devices are from LG manufacturer.
    i am a fan of LG i have the LG G3, LG 4X 880P and LG G2
    I am waiting for the LG G5

  2. I have been waiting for almost a year for the release of the G5 and had expected to make the purchase one release date. If the price goes up to $900.00, the phone would be out of my price range and I would not be able to make the purchase. I am sure other retired, fixed income people would find themselves in the came position. I would recommend keeping the price within a more affordable range.

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