LG G6 vs. iPhone 8: Comparison – Who is the Best?

LG G6 is the Winner of 2017. Here we are going to compare upcoming LG G6 smartphone with Apple’s 2017 flagship “The iPhone 8“.

Korean electronic company is the biggest leading smartphone companies they also trying to made it more perfect and best for there fans as well as. In the month of October LG G6 is launched to make it more perfect and better smoothness in work androids users. They made LG G6 first high end smartphone under all LG series.

LG G6 vs. iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 vs. LG G6: Price Comparison (LG wins with an ease)

LG G6 price factor is much cheaper then iPhone 8 they made iPhone more precious then comparison to LG G6 is coming in approx $600 while the iPhone 8 fall between the $800 to $900 price range. LG G6 is coming in the month of October to make it better change for all android users.

LG G6 vs. iPhone 8: Specs comparison

LG G6 trying to use the super speedy wireless charger that pump the device battery upto 50% in just 30 min. On the other hand iPhone 8 is working on implementing its lang range technology and used power to stay on. They also made iPhone 8 will coming with more feature and smart performance with curved OLED display meanwhile LG G6 will have 5.7 inch display with the unusual aspect ration of 18.9 and a QHD+ resolution.

LG G6 Comparison

iPhone 8 trying to use the technology and smart feature of wireless charging feature to make it more good in performance. They also using the dual lens camera. They also trying to use the better photo quality and optical zoom range. On the other hand LG G6 having the perfect performing frontĀ end camera upto 8.0 mega pixel and rear upto 24 mega pixel.

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The LG G6 is going to run on Snapdragon 835 processor which is an Octa Core chipset. It will boast 6GB onboard RAM which is certainly gives major boost to performance and with Android Naught things are going to much simpler and easier to do.

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LG G6 HAVING THE BEST 6 GB RAM that make to perfect working or good in performances they also trying to share with it best accessories with it to make it more attractive. If we are looking for best display then LG G6 have the 5.7 inch display with an aspect ratio of 18.9 on the other hand iPhone 8 will contain a curved display and sensors on the display and workable edges and smart lock and unlock feature in it. You can make it perfect unlock by touching on display anywhere for easy unlock it.

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